Propane Rail Car Evacuation

Industrial Propane & Reclamation, Inc.

At IP&R, our thinking was not limited to just roadways and yards. You no longer have to look at a propane rail car mishap, or rail situation, as a “lost cause” because we were thinking of you as well!

IP&R has the capability to travel to the rail site, mount our Speedswing Rail-Ready vehicle on the tracks, and transport our propane evacuation unit and equipment down the rail itself to the trouble area. Additionally, with our ability to “hot tap” if necessary, we can overcome the obstacle of inaccessible valves and ports.

Located in Northern New Jersey (Sussex), we can quickly respond to your emergency propane tank evacuation, whether it be in NJ, NY, PA, CT or anywhere else in the area. Just contact us!

propane rail car evacuation service