D.O.T. / A.S.M.E. Tank and Cylinder Evacuation

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Upright and horizontal tanks are returned back to the propane supplier’s yard for a variety of reasons. While some propane sites have a minimal tank buildup, many others have a constant supply of tanks entering their facility and taking up valuable space. Even with tightening regulations, some contractors are still venting or “burning off” your propane to prepare these tanks for refurbishing or scrapping – Not us!

IPR has developed and constructed mobile compressor and pump skids capable of recovering liquid and vapor from stationary and cargo tank motor vehicles. This equipment and processes will allow recovery of liquid and vapor propane prior to service or repairs to a container. There is no need to vent or flare valuable gas when we can recover and return that gas to you after service or repairs are complete. We have provided mobile recovery on containers ranging in size from 1 million gallon tanks to 125 gallon tanks.

Our smaller unit is dedicated for the recovery and evacuation of such tanks as 420 lb., 300 lb., 200 lb. cylinders, and so forth. We have designed and developed a process to safely invert 12 cylinders at a time and completely evacuate the liquid and vapor from the tanks. Our crews can evacuate an average of 100 +/- tanks per day depending on conditions.

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Located in Northern New Jersey (Sussex), we can easily access your propane tank and cylinder evacuation project, whether it be in NJ, NY, PA, CT or anywhere else in the area.

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